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Save Time, Money, and Energy

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After years of watching automation platforms come and go – and each manufacturer maturing their product lines in order to include better integration – we are excited to announce more options than ever before! We now have products ranging from simple alarm automation and remote control to premium features such as automated locks, light switches, thermostats and cameras – all in one app.


Popular Design Points:

  • Control Access To Your Home with Smart Door Locks – No Need to hide or lend out keys! Simply unlock from your smartphone or set up a code.
  • Save Energy , Save Money –  Remote access and scheduling of your heating/cooling/lighting in both residential and commercial builds.
  • Centralized Design – Your Security, Automation, Access Control all in one app. De-Clutter your phone.
  • Industry Standard Integration – Client is free to purchase their own Z-Wave® compatible devices for future integration. Non-Proprietary by design.
  • Dual-Path Automation –  Cellular backup resistant to major internet outages. Keep that linchpin locked.
  • Battery Backup – Know your systems can be relied upon throughout most power outages.











®Z-Wave is a registered trademark of Sigma Designs, Inc. .