Integrated Technology & Telecom Consultancy

For homes or businesses, we build custom systems and services to match.

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  • Custom Network Design – No more messy wires! Your infrastructure will no longer look like an afterthought.
  • Multi-Site Backup Keep your important data safe from fire, theft and out of the cloud.
  • Local Telecom Support – All your of services in one place and only one phone number to call.
  • Internet Included – We are your tech support. We are your ISP. Call us for details.
  • Battery Backup – Internet , VoIP, and critical infrastructure resistant to power outage.
  • Racks & Enclosures – Serviceable , Lockable and Industry-Grade.


After many years of watching homeowners and business owners struggle with telecom and integration, we are happy to announce a full range of IT and consultancy services. Built on the same principles as our decades of security experience – we believe that you, the client, should be well informed before considering us or any other company. Scattered services with national, contract-driven big telcos can mean costly commitments with zero services and wasted time.  Because of the custom nature of every IT & Telecom environment, this section of our business is best conducted in person, via telephone or email correspondence. Please contact us for more info !