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Alarm System "Takeovers"

If you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by your existing company, we can help. If you have finished paying for your "free system" (actually a financed system), and your alarm company will not substantially lower your monthly fees, talk to us. Or if you're moving into a home with an existing non-monitored alarm system, we can assist.

We will "takeover" your existing alarm panel, and provide a bundled monitoring and service rate of $14.95 per month plus GST which includes the following:

ULC quality monitoring from Security 24 Monitoring Network Ltd, here in Ottawa ( a superb monitoring company with a flawless record)
Absolutely free labour when needed (significant parts prices at true dealer cost)
Full training on your system and replacement documentation as required
100% warranty on your equipment, including replacement parts such as backup batteries, and damage by lightning strike
Month to month contract ONLY - no long term commitment required !(see Contract)

5 year rate guarantee in writing

Later equipment add on's, or upgrades at time of takeover of your system, at true dealer cost for equipment, no labour charges.

Replacement warning decals as required (see decals)

Our motto is ...."You own the system, we own the problems....period"

We firmly believe that the consumer should always be " in the drivers seat" when it comes to service quality and response. The best way to maintain that control is to have your monitoring services provided without a long term commitment on your part (see Contracts). Your alarm company should earn your business; not rely on a long term contract to hold you with them. The bottom line is that companies that do not provide proper after sales service (and there are a lot of them) deserve to lose their clients !!

For us to takeover responsibility for your alarm system, the following conditions are necessary:

You must own your equipment outright. 

You must not be locked into a long term contract with your existing company. (Note: In some cases of documentable poor service, you may be able to terminate your existing contract for reasons of "failure to perform". This is determined strictly on a case by case basis, and will  involve some ugly negotiations on your part.....)

Your board should not be "locked" by your previous company. If it is, in the worst case, this may necessitate replacement of your existing alarm board ($100)  However, in most cases, we will be able to unlock your board, at no cost to you...

This service is only available on the full line of DSC and Paradox equipment . We do not service Ademco, Caddyx or FBI panels, which must be replaced (see below)

NOTE: We now GUARANTEE we can takeover even "locked" panels by DSC or Paradox at no cost to you (DSC 1616, 1832, and Alexor excepted ...for now they will be subject to a $50 charge for a new board if they are locked)

Due to the large percentage of poorly installed, trouble prone systems in the marketplace, we must inspect your system before agreeing to takeover responsibility for your alarm system. (Currently, we find we are rejecting about 60% of the systems we inspect). Our business model includes true free service with no caveats, and we simply can't afford to takeover trouble prone systems that have been improperly installed by sloppy subcontractors or incompetent installers.

Equipment change out of older unusable panel and keypad to:

DSC 1616 (6 zone panel)......$150 plus HST

DSC 832 (8 zone panel).........$200 plus HST (each additional 8 zones to a maximum of 32......$50)

Paradox Spectra (1641 keypad)........$250 (16 zone panel maximum)

In most instances, older smoke detectors will require changing ...$50 each. Some makes and models of older motion detectors should be replaced as well...$40 each. Second keypads...DSC $125, Paradox $135

 All prices include installation and miscellaneous equipment required.

There is no charge for takeovers that do not require replacement equipment. We will do minor repairs necessary to bring your system up to date and supply you with a new battery.

At the time of takeover, we will be pleased to assess the physical security of your home, and give you ideas and prices for improving this most important area of home security.

Important note: We do NOT under any conditions takeover DIY installed systems. Fifteen years of checking out these homeowner installed systems have shown that most are either over installed or under installed, with few if any of the false alarm prevention  measures used in professionally installed systems. Once we assume responsibility for your system, we provide a total worry free service plan for your system, which we cannot do for such systems. So with regret, we must pass on such systems !!


Contact Information: Robert Campbell,  2316 Nerta Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G1E5   Tel: (613) 737-5955, Cell: (613) 798-3434, Fax: (613) 737-6093

David Campbell: cell phone (613)227-1320

                                                  This page last updated December 10, 2012