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Code of Ethics

Following is a strict code of ethics which we follow, and one which we suggest should be applied generally by the industry:

1- An outright sale of an alarm panel should be accompanied by an explanation of the purpose of the installer's code, and the capability of the lockout feature. The installers code will only be changed for both parties protection during that time when the panel is being monitored by the alarm company. Should the customer decide to obtain his monitoring services elsewhere, the original company will always change the code back to factory default at no cost to the customer.

2- Panels purchased outright by a customer will never be locked by the alarm company providing the monitoring services.

3- All panels will be tested to the Central Station, and as much as is possible or practical, will have all programming checked via upload/download software at sometime following the end of the installation to assure that the system will function properly in an emergency, and is programmed properly.

4- All alarm panels will have an autotest programmed in for the protection of the client.

5- Customers will not be sold "proprietary" equipment which cannot be monitored elsewhere other than the original installing companies Central Station.

6- Customers will be fully trained by the alarm company on the use of the system, including ways to prevent common user caused false alarms. Panels will be programmed as much as possible with false alarm prevention codes designed to assist in preventing false dispatches by authorities.

7- Companies will not knowingly solicit other company's monitored accounts. Customers wishing to leave will be treated with the same respect due when they were a paying customer. If approached by a client coming from another firm, a courtesy call to the other company is in order, letting them know what the client is planning to do, and giving them a chance to save the account.

8- Customers will not be marketed to in such a way as to deceptively lead them to believe they are being given a "free" alarm system, and will be told clearly up front that this is simply another way to "finance" their purchase of an alarm system.

9- Companies should use care and good taste in advertising, such that fear tactics are never employed to sell services.

10- Older customers should have special attention and training paid to them, to ensure that they are actually capable of using the alarm system properly, before they commit to purchase.

11- Companies should at all times make it a high priority to install systems using only the best of components highly rated to prevent false alarms.

12- Salesmen selling alarm systems will not knowingly sell system designs which their company's installers cannot actually provide, leaving frustrated and unhappy customers. Sales staff will not engage in selling practices which emphasize "mini systems" solely for the purposes of obtaining more monitoring contracts with less installation time and work for installation staff.  All options including full perimeter system protection will be outlined to the customer.

13- All commitment terms of any long term contracts for monitoring services will be clearly explained to the buying customer. Customers should be given a copy of any agreement and encouraged to read it through and clarify points they don't understand.

14- Companies removing leased systems will make every effort to remove all accompanying decals from the premises when they remove the equipment.


This page last updated Thursday, July 23, 2009 .