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Our goal is to provide a true "no worry" warranty for all our clients. To that end, every client, both new install or "takeover" receives the following written, signed warranty as detailed below, without the usual exclusions found in the fine print:


Your residential alarm system , if  installed by our company,  includes a lifetime service guarantee and a 100% warranty on all labour and equipment while monitored through our company.  Existing equipment that fails in service will be replaced with like or better equipment at no charge to the owner.

For systems installed by Home Security Metal Products, any false alarms caused by failure of the equipment or wiring will be paid for by our company.

Takeovers of other company equipment is covered by the same total warranty and service package with the exception of the false alarm guarantee. This warranty has no other exclusions whatsoever and includes service required for any reason.

This warranty also covers and includes normally expendable and chargeable  items such as batteries, as well as unforeseen and uncontrollable acts of God such as lightning strike.

Additional equipment added to your residential system at a later date will be billed at dealer cost only, no labour charges. Commercial system changes will be subject to a nominal hourly labour rate, plus parts at dealer cost.

Please note, this warranty and guarantee ceases upon cancellation of the monitoring agreement. We do not service non-monitored systems even at a charge.

Please call us at the earliest sign of trouble to avoid needless and costly false alarms.

           “You own the system; we own the problems – period !”

Question: What makes your warranty different from all other companies?

Answer: Ours is true 100% coverage with no exclusions.

Question: What if my backup battery dies. Since these normally die about every 3 to 5 years, are these covered as well

Answer: Yes, including the service call to replace them

Question: What if my panel is destroyed by lightning strike over the phone lines. Since this is an Act of God not normally covered, does your warranty cover this as well ?

Answer: Yes, our warranty includes all the equipment and labour necessary to re-establish the service you previously enjoyed.

Question: What happens when I have doors and windows connected to the alarm replaced and need these points re-connected to the alarm?

Answer: Although most companies consider this a service call rather than a true warranty claim, we do not. We will provide the necessary new contacts and the labour to bring your system back to the state it was before, free of charge.