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This page will give you a quick overview of most of the pages on this site. Click on the coloured hyperlink to go directly to that page.

General Information
Article Comprehensive information on how to properly secure your home. Five individual sections which can be accessed individually on basic security, physical security, electronic security, auto security, and my assessment of common alarm system makes on the market today.  Download button available to download the full 30 pages of detailed text for later reading.                           
How to Shop  Information you can use in making your final decisions on security purchases. Most useful if you are already familiar with services offered in the marketplace, and are comparing quotes
The Big Lie  My assessment of the mass marketing techniques for selling alarm systems used by some in this industry..!
Monitoring Some thoughts on the wisdom of having your alarm system professionally monitored.
FAQ Frequently asked questions by those trying to decide if electronic security is right for them..!!
Pre-wiring Some suggestions on what to do about pre-wiring your new home during construction.
Code of Ethics My thoughts on a set of minimum standards that should be adopted by all firms selling electronic security systems
Before calling Bell How to keep from getting stung by telephone company charges on repair calls.
Related services Local Ottawa companies, known to this writer, that adhere to the same standards of service as I do.


Products and Services Overview page of the following services:
Window bars Pictures, description and pricing of the custom window bars available from my company (currently being revised)
Alarms Description of the Paradox and DSC lines of professional, hardwired alarm panels which I sell and install. How to design a system properly is covered in the section of the article called electronic security
Comparison This page is a completely biased comparison of my services with those of most large companies, and is a blatant attempt to convince you that you should deal with me.
Package  deals Here is my pricing for my "one stop shopping package"of all the necessary security services typically required in a home, hopefully saving you money over buying different services from several suppliers
New Home Construction Package This specific and complete package covers all the security measures that generally need to be done in the majority of the new homes under construction here in Ottawa.
"Unlocking services" Here is my pricing for unlocking alarm boards for alarm companies and end users
Installer lockout An explanation of the "lockout" function that may be hidden within your alarm system
Pet Motions Information on pet motions that will be required if you have pets in the home
Dealer Programs Know who you are really buying from and what it means to your long term flexibility to change dealers
Takeovers My service offering for clients unhappy with their existing dealer
Cellular Backup Another communication alternate for alarm signal transmission to the Central Station

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