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Burglar Safes

You might ask, what use is a safe for me since I already have an alarm ? For anyone who keeps high value items at home, and wishes to make sure that these remain in their possession, a proper burglar safe is a low cost investment in their overall home security. If you store expensive jewelry at home, this can become a priority (at the moment, there is a gang of thieves here in Ottawa that are targeting East Asian families for the expensive jewelry they are known to own and keep at home, and alarms won't stop these thieves). Remember, unless you have taken out a specific rider on your home insurance, the maximum they will pay out is generally far less than what the jewellery is worth.

It pays to remember that an alarm works in three ways only. Firstly, it warns a potential thief of the presence of an alarm, which may deter casual break in attempts. However, if they continue, and violate your physical security, the alarm serves to limit the time they have to work in the home. And the third thing it does, is make sure the home is properly sealed up after a real break in.

Good physical security remains a must do, even with an alarm!

What we can do is install  a solid, steel burglar safe in your home, and bolt it securely to a concrete surface with two attaching bolts that hold 5000 pounds apiece, and which are only accessible once the safe is open. Hidden within the home, and solidly anchored to the floor, it's highly unlikely that any thieves - professional or not - would spend the time to break open the safe knowing that police may well be on their way !

A word of caution ! Do NOT use a fire safe as a burglar safe. The ones typically sold at places like Sears, are units made of light sheet metal with foam sandwiched in the middle. While they will keep documents from charring for one hour in a fire as they are designed to do, they can be opened with a screwdriver, and as such, are not suitable for burglary purposes.

The best option is a box in a regular bank near your home (although this may be somewhat inconvenient)

The following is a small burglar safe we can sell and install for you at the price noted, available  ONLY to our monitored alarm customers, and include installation as noted above.

Low cost, light duty, $100 plus HST, delivered and installed into wood or concrete base

Made of 3/16 inch steel, outside dimensions 7inches high, 7 inches deep, and 9 inches wide