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This page contains the Table of Contents for a lengthy article describing how to properly secure your premises against break and enter. It gives many tips and hints on simple, no cost or low cost ways to measurably improve your security without necessarily going to the cost of an alarm system (certainly not as a first choice anyway). In the past, I have given out printed copies of the whole article after public speeches, to ensure people had something to remind them afterwards of what to do to secure their premises.

However, when or if you decide on electronic security, that section of the article especially will teach you much you may not hear  elsewhere !

This article has been revised many times over the past years in order to keep it current, and to reflect the many things I have learned and continue to learn in this business. The total article encompasses over 28 pages of typed text (113K).

To download the total contents of the Table of Contents below in RTF format, to read it offline at your convenience,  click on the button below. In this format, it can be opened with the notepad that comes with Windows 95 / 98, or if you have a word processor on your PC, you may open it in that program   


Table of Contents  

Basic Security - Simple no cost, common sense rules to follow

Physical Security - Ways to effectively make your home harder to get into

Electronic Security - How to shop for an alarm system, secrets of the industry mass marketers, and other vital information necessary prior to purchase of an alarm system in this "buyer beware" market.

Auto security - Simple measures to help keep your car in the driveway where it belongs!

Summary - my attempt to put things in proper perspective for you before you  spend money


Equipment Survey - a brief overview of professional alarm hardware available from suppliers today


How to shop - Some important pointers to help you make your final decision.

Frequently asked questions - common questions about alarm systems.

Prewiring - some suggestions on prewiring the home during construction

Before you call Bell - things to do before calling the telephone company with line troubles

 This page last updated Thursday, August 14, 2008 .