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The main purpose of this site is to educate readers on the sequence of steps to take to PROPERLY secure their homes or businesses against break and enter. Hopefully this information will allow you to make more informed and cost-effective purchase decisions that are right for your particular situation. 
Secondarily, I hope to counteract some of the misinformation and "selective solutions" put forward by some in the electronic security industry, who only choose to sell high end electronic solutions at the expense of the equally important and very effective no and low cost "physical security" solutions - solutions that are not always in their self interest to promote !!
Thirdly, we hope to be entrusted with your local business !  We are a full service company, and specialize in all aspects of physical and electronic security. We are not simply out to contractually tie up your monitoring revenues as do the large "mass marketers" of alarm systems. 

Ours is a security company - not simply an alarm company....there IS a difference !! 

How are we different ?....in a nutshell...

We don't lock clients into long term contracts (month over month term only)
We provide 100% warranty (no exclusions whatsoever for ANY reason - includes batteries and lightning strike)
We provide built in service of any type with no exclusion for any reason
We deal with your physical security needs as well as your electronic requirements

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Click above to learn how to PROPERLY secure your home or business from the detailed article which is part of this website.

If you are located within the Ottawa-Carleton area, we welcome the opportunity to provide you a complete range of services you need to properly secure your home or place of business  patio door security devices, custom made window security bars, and professional alarm installations with the lowest cost for ULC rated monitoring service, with no long term commitment on your part (month to month only)

  Don't know where to start and need advice, see How to Shop . (This page covers the first and most important decision you must make in shopping for your alarm system.)

Be sure to check out the new section on Contracts for some important cautions on your part.

After doing your comparison shopping, this section shows you how to compare each quote

See the new section on new home construction pricing for those wishing a package  quote to properly secure your new home 

If your existing company is charging you too much for monitoring, or you've experienced bad service, see our section on "takeovers"

  See our new alarm board unlocking service available to both local alarm companies and end users 

Looking for a REAL equipment warranty with no fine print

Thinking of pre-wiring your new home, but not sure what to do ?

  Cellular backup is available for primary or secondary communication (NOTE newer lowered pricing from the wholesaler) 

See this page if you plan to hook your alarm system up to a Rogers phone connection or VoIP internet connection.

See this page for IP communication options using your existing high speed internet connection

     See this page for home automation 

Before you call Bell for service on your line, consider these points which may save you a service call of  $95..!!

It goes without saying, that we would be pleased to provide a no cost, no obligation security review of your home or business - with no hard sales pitch involved (I promise!). We will give you all the many options, starting at the least expensive on up, and you decide from there what to do and who to deal with....!! 

Our job is comprised of two things; to give you the very best security available, AND to work to try to keep your bill down, NOT boost it as some do.

Our low prices reflect our motto "neat, clean, quality work at reasonable prices". We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, friendly, personal level of service, with 100% no time limit warranty on all lock, window bar and alarm installations. Service calls are always free! We accept no payment until the work is complete to your satisfaction.  

We don't keep our alarm system clients through restrictive long term contracts - we do it by providing superior service ! All of our customers enjoy month to month contracts only; we earn your business, we don't demand it through a long term commitment on your part !

We intend to raise the service standards in this industry with two simple approaches to customer service:

"If we install it, we fix it, no time limit, no qualifications, no excuses - it's as simple as that !!" 
 In the case of alarm systems, we take one simple approach............                          

"You own the equipment; we own the problems - period, no exceptions"

In business since 1983 in security work, I have had many years of experience instructing home and small business owners in how to properly secure their properties against break in. For many years, I have been speaking at public meetings on all aspects of home security at the invitation of police departments, insurance companies, and home owner groups.

I welcome any questions you may have about your particular security situation. I very much enjoy getting e mail, and I will answer every query, so drop me a line if you have any questions at all. I hope you enjoy your visit to our website, and take away information that is of genuine use to you.

Please note, this site is NOT set up to simply sell our services, but to as much as is possible, give the reader an unbiased assessment of the alarm industry. The vast majority of our business comes by word of mouth.

 Knowledge is power, and the consumer deserves nothing less !!


Contact Information: Robert Campbell,  2316 Nerta Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G1E5     Tel: (613) 737-5955,    Cell: (613) 798-3434,     Fax: (613) 737-6093   Email: "rh.campbell@homemetal.com"

David Campbell: "david.campbell@homemetal.com" Cellphone (613)227-1320


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